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Помогите ответить на вопросы фото внутри очень надо

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1. There are many advantages of learning a foreign language. Foe example, you can use it while travelling and make friends with people from other countries. You can read books in the original. Some people need a foreign language in their work.

2. If you are the youngest in the family you don't have to do much about the house.

3. English is widely used in computing. It is very important in politics, sports and science.

4. When I was at a disadvantage I felt unhappy and miserable.

5. I sometimes sit up late when I watch an interesting film on TV.

6. I think that nobody must boss other person around, because it makes he or she unhappy. It is cruel. Everybody shoud be kind to each other.

7. Yes, I had much fun in summer. I spent my holidays at the seaside swimming, lying in the sun and visiting different places of interest.

8. Of course, I do. It is always pleasant to get along with people with a good sense of humour. They are cheerful, optimistic and they can cheer you up.

9. I confide my secrets my mother and my close friend.

10. Yes, I would like to go mountain climbing. It is a good way to be healthy and strong.

11. When I am through with my exams, I am going to visit my grandparents. They are looking forward to seeing me.

12. Yes, I would like to share my books with a friend of mine, because I always try not to be greedy.


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