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позязя помогите с англ-яз написать письмо другу как я провёл лето в паст симпл 7-8 предложений помогите! а то меня сьедят((

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hello,my dear friend.there are many ways of spending holidays. some people like going to the country,other prefer sitting at home and watching TV. as for me this summer i was in Moscow.i would like to tell yor about my trevel,дальше можно общие фразы типа какая Москва великолепная и тебе понравилась

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Hello,my friend!


I would like to tell you about my summer holidays.In June I stayed in my city.We worked at school with my friends.The weather was hot and sunny.Then I helped my parents in the country to water vegetables.In July we went to the Black Sea.I swam and played basketball on the beach all days long. In August I had a good rest at my granny's and rode the bike.My holidays were wonderful.

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