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Помогите дать ответы на вопросы. Спасибо. What clothes do you usually wear when you travel? What and where do you eat when you have a long trip? When you go to some other village, town or country, what food do you eat there - home-made or ready-made? Can you name at least one dish that is traditional for a place you visited in the summer? Do you know its recipe? Is this dish healthy food? Are there proteins, vitamins, fats and carbohydrates in it? Is it the right balance? Did you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables in the summer? What are your favourite fruit and vegetables?

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I wear some casual clothes like jeans and T-Shirt. Usually I eat in cafe some pizza or meat with potato.In city or village i eat home-made food. I think it is ,,Okroshka,, . No I don`t know it really.I think It is really heathy food. Proteins and some vitamins. Yes, i think so. Yes i eat a lot of vegetables and fruits in the summer. My favourite fruit is apple, vegetable is potato

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