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Make questions with you from the sentences. a) I was born in Almaty in 1991. (When?) b) I live in Astana (Where?) c) I've got three cousins. (How many?) d) I'm studying English, because it's an international language. (Why?) e) I've been to Russia and Turkey. (Which countries?) f) I was playing computer games at 5 o'clock yesterday. (What?) g) She is going to visit her grandparents on holiday. (What?) h) We're watching TV tonight. (What?)

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1. Where were you born?

2. Do you live in Astana?

3. How many cousins have you got?

4. Why are you studying English?

5. Which countries have you been to?

6. What wre you doing at 5 o'clock yesterday?

7. What is she going to do on holiday?

8. What are you doing tonight?

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