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How is the lifestyle of teenagers changing with the development of modern technologies?

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New tehnologies changed millions of lives in the world and modern teenagers aren't no exception! Of course, in the sentury of a lot of brand new technologies teenagers use it and enjoy!

For example - mobile phones! As for me - I can't imagine my life without it! Mobile phones make our lives easier and more interesting! You needn't to run on the street to talk with a friend,you must  just  get into the pocket and find there phone!One more Important invention for teenagers is the computer. Today, almost every second person in the world with a computer and internet, which also allows us to communicate without any obstacles with the help of various programs.

I could make it to the night to talk about the various inventions that help us, but alas, my story will not last forever, and these words I want to finish it. Let me just say that the variety of cool inventions change our life!


(Не знаю, возможно вот так))

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