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Написать про любимое время года. Мое любимое время года это Зима.

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my favorite season is winter. In winter, a lot of holidays, one of my favorites is the New Year. In the New Year people give each other gifts. During the winter holidays, you can go sledding, ice skating and skiing. At this time, the white snow covers the ground, and I love it. For this I love winter.

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My favourite season is winter.The wheather is cold and it usually snows. The days are short and the nights are long. I like watch the snowflackes falling.Everything is white with snow.The rivers and lakes are frozen And usually thera are lots of children playing snow games. They making a snowmans,playing snowballs, skating and skiing. The landscape is really amazing.Also we have winter hollidays. All my relatives come to our home to meet Ded Moroz and celebrate the New Year. At 12 o`cklock we all say " Best wishes for the New Year" .

During my holidays I have a lot of free time and I spend it with my friends. That`s why i like winter. 

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